HRT Update #4

Welcome back to another update! Shortened: Nothing has really changed since last time besides some breast growth, but not much.

Alright so it's been 2 months since I got HRT! It honestly feels like way, but I may be a little impatient. Next appointment with the doctor is on January 10th so still a little ways to see how my hormone levels look, or getting an increased dose.

So what effects have I had since the last update? Well body hair grows back even slower than before. My skin may be just a tiny little softer, but it could be placebo. It's really hard to measure skin softness but I guess I'll be able to tell when it happens. I crave cuddles more for some reason, but apparently this is like, normal? Idk apparently other trans-fems had a similar feeling, but I can't say it doesn't sound a little weird, especially since I can't think of a better word than "cuddles". Libido is still shot as well which I'm glad about.

Anyway the bigger news is that, I kinda have tiny boobs. Breasts are budding I guess. Kinda weird, and now if I wear only a white t-shirt you can see them so that's a little harder to hide. My nipples are a lot more developed as well I think. I can't say they look to feminine on me yet, but it's kinda cool to see them start! Now I have to wear a second layer everywhere to hide them but honestly it's winter anyway. I do own a sports-bra if I need to flatten them though. Oh, and nipples are a tad more sensitive, and I've accidently hit myself there a lot which is kinda painful! Wild.

Not much else related to HRT effects besides those. Honestly some of the effects are coming quicker than I thought they would. My overall transition isn't going the greatest, but at least I know the HRT is affective.

Still working on a general transition update! Hope this was a decent update though. I'm a bit busy with academics right now and I'm just glad I had time to write this, let alone a whole transition update.

Hope you enjoyed!