Trans Update #10

Howdy everyone, it's Evelyne again. It's time for the monthly Transition update.

HRT is going alright, though I need to get bloodwork again to make sure. Boobs may be ever so slightly more developed, though I also just put on weight. Legs look great in pants though, there's no doubting that anymore.
I'm getting more confident with presenting more queer outside. Wore a decent outfit to Bluesfest this year (which by the way, got some film photos, so hopefully those will be nice!)
A lyft driver and I were chatting a lot and I guess he clocked me as a gay man, but he's really chill so I just explained it and is by far the most accepting stranger I've met lol.
My skin is getting worse, and laser hair removal was a complete faliure, so I guess electrolysis and skin resurfacing is the route I need to go down, though I definitely can't afford it right now.
I'm kinda out at work as well. They are the accepting kind of computer science bros and not the horrid type, so I hopefully won't be considered a liability by HR.

I'm still very isolated from the queer community, but I went to a farmers market and they were very kind and friendly to me, so at least that's nice. Maybe I just need to look harder.

Still having trouble eating these days, but my friends are extremely keind and helpful and I don't think I'm ever going to be able to help them to the same degree. I love them so much, I'm crying.

I'm not very functional as of late, but life goes on, but

I'll post about my film camera family at some point, hopefully with some photos.

Thanks for reading!