My First Typewriter!

Smith Corona Super Sterling

Ok so I got my first typewriter in October 2021, and I've been using it a lot since. It's a Smith Corona Super Sterling, and it's in excellent condition!
Here's some photos I took of it (sorry for the bad blurring I did):
SCSS Photo 1 SCSS Photo 2 SCSS Photo 3
I got this typewriter for around $90 CAD, which personally felt like a bargain, and was part of the reason I was so surprised how good condition it was in.

There aren't many issues with it, but there are a few:
- There is a decent amount of hair and dust under the keys (which I need to dissasemble to get it out)
- Some of the paint is chipped off with bare metal showing (probably not great for rust prevention)
- When putting paper in, it kinda gets stuck on the left of the metal ruler bar that guides the paper.
Besides that, everything else is perfectly functional! I just had to replace the ink ribbon and it was good to go!

I don't actually know that much about typewriters and their hostory, but I knew enough that I didn't buy one of those brand new ones you can get on Amazon. I kinda bought this one on a whim when I was browsing a marketplace and was like "wow, that's cheap" and bought it. I think it's from the late 1960s, but I'm not entirely sure.

I mainly use it for creative writing (and occasionally, making reference sheets for university). I wanted a typewriter for it since it helps me stay focused on writing and not getting distracted by stuff on my computer, but mostly because I really liked how typewritten text looks and the vibe it had was perfect for the world I'm building. I'm still getting used to how heavy I need to hit the keys, but I'm quickly getting used to it.

If I get a scanner at some point, i can share some of the stuff I wrote with it. I'll probably put that under a new catagory of the blog page, something like "Fiction Writing" or something.
Anyway, hope this was somewhat entertaining, thanks for reading!