Welcome To My Website!!

About Me! Updates!

Howdy! I'm Evelyne/Ethan. I'm a random 20 year-old who decided to make a website! I'm interested in writing and designing my characters, typewriters, fountain pens, programming, circuit and logic design, and a whole lot more. I post about my interests on my blog, though I mostly just post about my experiences with gender, trans stuff, and whatnot.

I'm happy you decided to check out my website, and hope you enjoy my little ramblings! I'd like to do a lot with the site in the future!

Here's the important stuff: Pronouns. I'm transfem. Here's the most accurate post about my gender. Use whichever name you want.

Social Media: Tumblr, and that's about it. My email is evelyne@transterminal.online, feel free to shoot me an email, even if you just want to chat!