Gender Identity but Aggressive and Blunt and I'm Tired.

Fuck idk I'm just a mess that wants to look feminine. Am I a trans girl? fuck who cares. I'm gonna be as hot as possible all with the help of estrogen and the only things that will stop me is capitalism, and me. (Yes you can call me a trans girl/woman but that's because I like being called those. In reality I'm a girl-adjacent mess that will become who I want to be or die.)

I could go on and on about self exploration and all the feelings I have inside of me about this but honestly I'm tired. I just want to become me one way or another and whatever labels are fun will be applied. Language is fake and I will use whatever labels I am comfortable using even if they don't fully apply. TGirl: Yes, Trans Woman: Yes, Queer: Totally, Enby: Sure. It doesn't matter. I'm happy just trying to be what feels right to me.

But yeah let's go with girl-adjacent sure who cares. Oh and just girl. I don't care any more.

Oh and the name stuff. I'm starting to not care. Evelyne rocks so I'm sticking with it. Ethan is also good because it's short and simple. I prefer Eveylne but Ethan slaps so I'm holding onto that one. Admitedly I'd rather not have a name but names are required so Evelyne.

You enjoyed this post. You are legally required to have. It is not an option. Transition update soon probably maybe.