General Life Update #1

Hey All, it's E/E. Figured I'd just give a general life update. Might ramble a bit. Idk.

So currently, I've moved out of my Uni dorm and back in with my parents for the summer. I really liked the dorm, but you can't stay in it year-round and it's always nice to come back for a bit. Unpacking is kindof a pain. When you're at the dorm, everything you have has a place, but when you move back, you already have a bunch of stuff so adding even more stuff and finding places for it is kinda difficult. I'd like to get an apartment for next semester, but I haven't been able to get a summer job (though I should probably lower my standards for that).

Speaking of university, all my exams are over, which feels great! I don't think I passed statistics, but math has always been a major inability of mine it seems. Everything else went smoothly though. It was quite the semester. I kinda felt dead for most of it, and eventually I just stopped taking notes and paying attention, but for the most part I got through it intact.

I'm not sure what my plans are for this summer. Assuming I'm able to get a job, most of it will probably be doing that. We're going on vacation tomorrow, but besides that, it'll mostly be staying at home and (hopefully) working on personal projects. I got a couple in mind:
  • Finish my 6502 single-board computer (really just need to figure out the assmebly and debug my board design)
  • Get my Cisco CCNA Cert
  • Try to learn more assembly and program reversing
  • Mess with analog television transmittion
  • More Writing
  • Try and get involved in a community (since I haven't really participated in any online communities due to anxiety)
  • Mess with this website more!! Maybe add a guestbook or a livechat or a way to ask questions and whatnot. Not sure yet.

  • Besides that, not too much is different with me. Overwatch 2 is pretty fun. Been playing a lot of quaver as well. I have an inventory of games I want to beat over the summer if possible. Maybe I can review them? I also actually started talking to a councellor, but I'm not sharing everything about that. I'm also planning on doing some reading I guess.

    Anyway, I'll keep y'all updated I guess! Hope you enjoyed reading this!