HRT Update #1

Hey all. Before I begin, no, I have not actually started HRT yet.

I had an appointment with a doctor 2 days ago about getting hrt. She is completely supportive about getting it, which is pretty exciting!
Here's the current timeline: I need to get bloodwork done on tuesday the 6th. I'm getting tested for a whole bunch of things:
HbA1C, creatinine, sodium, potassium, ALT, lipids, CBC, Total Testosterone, Estradiol, and Prolactin.

After the blood test, on October 4th, I have my second appointment with the doctor. There I'll get a physical exam. Assuming all is well on my blood test, the physical exam, and I think possibly a mental health check, I'll get prescribed the HRT! I get a few options for what drugs I will get. The Anti-Androgens: Sprionolactone and Cyproterone. The Estradiol: Oral/Sublingual, Patch, Gel, or Injectable (probably valerate?).

I think I know what I want to take (at least for now): Cyproterone and oral Estradiol. The oral estradiol is pretty easy to explain. While in the future I would like injectable estradiol, that's not exactly very stealthy. In my current situation, I don't really have enough privacy to be able to have a sharps container, a box of needles/syringes, and whatnot, without getting caught. Oral estradiol on the other hand is just kept in a single bottle. It's especially good because I could just move the pills into some other container, or I could even custom print a prescription label at the pharmacy I work at. Someone could find it and just not care, since I can disguise it as whatever.
The reason I chose cypro over spiro isn't really solid. I don't really want to have to pee and drink more if I can avoid it, and I would only need to take small amounts of cypro in comparison. If I end up getting some of the bad side effects of cypro, it's not like I'm completely locked into it. I can alert my doctor and we can try spiro.

I plan on making consistant blog posts once I start HRT to detail my experience with it. Glad to have whoever reads this along on the ride.
Anyway, hope you have a good night! See you in my next blog post!

(Here's a decent resource on hrt details in my country: HRT Guielines 4th Edition )