HRT Update #3

Howdy! Shortened update: Only mildly noticable effetcs so far, but i'm rather happy so far!

Ok so, it's been one month since I started HRT. Generally speaking, for HRT, that's not very long, but as a person it felt like an eternity. So let's see what changes I noticed over the course of the month.

Firstly, I think i can generally feel my emotions more. Crying more, especially, but also just being less numb to them overall. It hasn't changed too much but I can feel some difference.

Second, facial and body hair takes much longer to grow back, which is really nice. While I haven't been able to shave my body hair at all due to my living situation, when it comes to facial hair it takes a couple days longer to grow to the length I usually shave it at (which is arguably both good and bad, since now I have stubble and all that for longer before I shave. I really just want laser).

And the rest is going to be hidden until you click this button--> since it covers stuff to do with genitals, and similar stuff. I included this stuff since I believe it's important to be able to talk about this stuff in a medical sense, as well as removing some of the embarrassment from both sharing the info and hopefully from others reading it. It's just a part of HRT and transitioning, and not talking about it can be dangerous to people going through these changes without being able to tell others are as well. You don't have to read it. It is a bit weird, especially if you're one of my friends or whatnot. I just think it's important to share and to me, while i'm a bit nervous, it's really just medical progress and affects to me.

Other than that, not too much has changed. Haven't had much skin softening, breast growth, fat redistribution, all that, which is to be expected. Those take much longer to kick in. Either way, I'm happy at the progress that has been made and am overall excited to see what the future brings. I also haven't missed a day of hrt yet which is surprising, but I'm proud of that.

Anyway, thanks for reading and expect another update in about a month! =)

Edit: Short update: Ok also nipples can be sore a lot of the time. Didn't expect that until like, the next update but I guess that just means the HRT is doing stuff that's actually obvious instead of taking time to figure out.