HRT Update #5.1

Haha, I said I'd update you on the 10th? Whoops =3!

Anyway so I got my injectable Estradiol! Specifically I was prescribed 5mg of estradiol valerate once every week. Mine seems to be 10mg/ml so I'd be injecting .5 ml. I plan to do my first injection on sunday, so that's both nerve-wrecking and very exciting! I'm also continuing to take cyproterone, though it may be possible to do monotherapy with this dose. I figured i'd just listen to my doctor for now, since the dose is a tad low for mono apparently.

This is a dose increase from my 2mg oral estradiol daily. According to this simulator I might have 400 pmol/L at the trough. It's very spiky though, seemingly I might have a maximum of 1400 pmol/L, which is VERY high.
Estradiol Valerate is not the esther I really wanted, but it is the only pharmacutical-grade esther available to me at the moment. Ideally I would have been able to get enanthate, which is WAY less spiky and I would need to inject a little less at the same mg/ml. At 3mg weekly, it would only jump between 720 pmol/L and 620 pmol/L. I guess I could get it on the grey-market, but oh well =/.

My estradiol had to be compounded since In Canada there is no mass manufactured injectable estradiol, which kind of drives the price up. Unfortunately I paid 140$ CAD for a 3 month supply.

I was considering buying some grey-market injections but figured since I had access to pharmaceutical-grade injections I didn't need to. I am considering buying some as a backup supply though.

Anyway, that's the current status of my HRT regimen! I'm happy that my dose is higher and I hope that I start seeing more changes soon!

Thanks for reading!