HRT Update #6

4th month hit? Geeze, time sure moves slow AND fast. I've swapped to injections, so how's that going?

It's going alright. I can say that i've noticed slight changes from the oral estradiol. The injections feel different over the course of a week, but I don't know how to explain it. I mean I am supposed to have some spikey levels so maybe that has something to do with it.
Aside from that, I mostly worry that the injections aren't as effective, even though I know they should be. I guess it just feels like I'm doing less even though it shouldnt matter. HRT changes come slowly, but it can kind of get to you, y'know?

Ok so what changes have I felt outside of the injections. Looking at breat development, the left is progressing faster than the right. The solid part behind the nipple when the breast buds has mostly disappeared from the left, and it looks slightly more round. The right one is still less round and has the solid part there. I'm not really worried about it, uneven boobs are pretty normal and I'm just glad to have them in the first place =)! Disclaimer: They aren't very large. They are still quite small, which makes sense considering the timeline. You can kind of see them through a shirt (or at least the nipples) so I make sure to have multiple layers on, or a sports bra, or even just bandaids over them tohide them a bit. Probably won't be able to keep this up without a binder when summer hits. I'm hapy about it though! Obvious progress!

I'm not seeing much else in terms of change, outside of the breasts, due to HRT. I'm experiencing other things changing for me but I don't think it's due to the HRT and more due to current life stuff. (Oh, besides like, my eyes look more feminine sometimes, but I'm not sure why? Odd.)

I'm also definitely sure I want to go on progesterone at the 6 month mark. I know the evidence is purely anecdotal but honestly there's no harm in going on it either, and if it does do stuff, then I'll be really happy! (for me specifically, i've heard it helps with breast development, some skin stuff, and makes you sleepy. Apparently there's some evidence that the combination of injections with progesterone may help cause trans-girl pms symptoms due to kinda cycle-ish estrogen levels, which would be AMAZING but there's not much evidence besides speculation and anecdotes.)

Oh and my thighs look kinda neat and I don't know if they changed at all but they may have and thats cool! I'd like that to be the case but at only 4 months any major fat redistribution is unlikely.

Anyway, I'm getting bloodwork done in a couple days so I can update this post then maybe! or maybe I'll make another .1 style post! We'll see! I also want to do a general life/transition update soon but I say that every time.

Stay silly =3,