HRT Update #7

Heading into the sixth month, with 5 months down (kinda, febuary is a couple days short). How is HRT doing, how's my body, how's my mind?
I'll be honest, I don't know. I can barely think properly most days recently, but let's see what I can come up with...

Not much update on any changes in my routine, It's still just the injections and cypro. With that being said, I would like to start progesterone at the end of the month next time I see my doctor, but I do sorta doubt she'll prescribe it to me, she usually waits a year. My levels are a bit wonky, but I'll update ya'll when i get my most recent one back since the two I got since last post were at my peak and not the trough, so I got one at the trough on friday.

Breasts still about the same size, or if they have grown I haven't really noticed. Nipples still have the mass behind them so I don't think any progress on development has been made, but puberty takes years, not just months. Just have to keep on waiting.
Sometimes my figure seems to look different and sometimes it doesn't. it may just be the clothes I'm wearing, but I guess it does make me a little happy at the very least.
There really haven't been many changes for me physically till now honestly. Only the breasts/nipples are really noticable. My skin definitely hasn't done anything, but I do have a skin condition so I'm not really suprised. No thining in body hair either.
I'm probably just being impatient, but I could really use some nice changes to be happy about.

This isn't provable, but I feel like there's been a couple mental changes. Firstly I feel romance and attraction differently, and the romance feeling are really strong recently, not entirely sure why. It deffinitely feels a little sapphic though, in a way. I wonder if progesterone will also mess with that, hmmm.
Generally, I feel like I can feel my emotions more clearly, and I can actually have reactions to those emotions over just feeling dull and flat most of the time. They also feel different, and they can really get all over the place, at least before i started my newer antidepressants. Admittedly this could have just been caused by me drinking a lot, and no longer drink all that much, but I'd like to imagine the estrogen was giving me emotions again.
And the last thing is also probably not caused by the estrogen, but food cravings are a lot more prominant these days. *insert shruggie here since this font doesn't support it*

Anyways, I hope to start progesterone and hopefully thats fun. This theory is entirely baseless but I'm kind of hoping it gives symptoms of PMT, which probably sounds insane to want that. I heard it may also help with sleep sometimes and that would also be nice, but I think the main reason is just the anecdotal evidence of help with development of my breasts.

Sorry this one was a little less energetic, I may make a post about my recent wellbeing to help explain it. In a way, yelling into my neocities void about things allows me to express myself differently than i would to friends, and I'm hoping I can get some stuff out of my mind by writing here. Sorry I've been so absent lately!

Anyway, hope you got a little bit of entertainment from this update! Enjoy your day!
-Evelyne <she/they>