New years 2023!

Welp, new years 2023 is here. Unexpected and honestly I don't think anything of it, but I'm still staying up I guess. Another year passes, so reflecting back, how was it?

Last new years, I decided to drink enough to get myself to actually make an appointment with a gender councellor. It was the first step I truly took to actually act on making me who i'd like to be. It kicked off the process. I got more confident making calls, booking appointments, and it made me sure that I wanted this. Over the last year, I went from "I'd potentially like HRT but I'm not sure" and being still mildly lost on a lot of things, to "I can't wait to switch to injections!!" and getting immersed in everything. I'm honestly really not sure how in the world I got the courage to make any of the progress I made over the year, it's almost surreal. I can confidently say that at the very least this year was good on the transition front (even if it wasn't fully ideal). Yay to Evelyne! =3

Ok so besides the most important thing in my life at the moment, what else happened? I made it through a year of Uni, which I suppose could be considered an accomplishment. I started playing Quaver and other rythem games, and got surprisingly good at them. I started work at the pharmacy, and while it isn't the best job, the coworkers and boss are really great, and some of them are some of my favourite people. Expecially one of them, you know who you are. I learned how to live by myself, I gained some freedom, (and yet I lost some in the process). Lost some weight, don't look to far into how. I hnug out with friends occasionally, but I don't know if my relationships progressed or regressed, who knows. I found a lot of webcomics, read a lot of webcomics, watched a lot of new series, played some new games. Didn't finish any of those games, but certainly played a lot of them. Not really the most exhilarating year outside of trans stuff, but y'know what? It was alright.

Not gonna sum up all the downsides and issues and all the bad stuff. It's for me to know, and honestly I'd rather not memorialize why I need antidepressants now, along with so, so much other stuff. I think I'd rather think of this year as "decent. Not great, but very important events for my future occured this year, and therefore is not horrid either."

Plus I made this website!! I'm very happy I made this website! I'm happy to be taking ya'll along with me on my journey through transition, as well as just sharing my random stuff sometimes! Yippeee!

I really hope that your years were at least mildly bareable, and hopefully they were actually good! Maybe next year will improve, maybe it will make my life hell, but honestly I have no control over it so I'm just going with the flow. Here's hoping I'm not dead by February.

Wish the best for ya'll in 2023!
-Evelyne (and perhaps, occasionally, Ethan) (May need to rebrand in 2023, that could be fun!).