Project Ideas

This is just a list of project ideas that I'll append to every once in a while. I'll be real, I doubt I'll get around to doing most of these. I'm very bad at starting and staying ontop of projects (or basically anything in my life).

  • Writing a basic operating system for RISC or x86 (mainly to learn operating system internals and assembly)
  • NTSC Analog Television transmitter. (Kinda already in progress? Mostly to mess with RF. Potentially Illegal?)
  • Make a blog program for this website. Want to not have to manually add everything and use markdown
  • Make one of those websites where you need someone already in to get the password (I don't really know what I would do with it)
  • Website thing for the characters/world I'm writing (Not entirely confident with posting my work online)
  • Continue trying to learn GLSL (Have a lot of fun messing with this, but I'm really bad at math). Maybe try to make a Demoscene?
  • Some sort of long range mesh communication device using LoRa (maybe base it off of a processor instead of a microcontroller?)
  • Obtain UAV Advanced license, make some sort of UAV. (really costly)
  • Learn more about cpu logic. Try to design a basic 2-4 byte cpu? (I'll be real, kinda want to design a cpu in minecraft. need to find good free logic sim)
  • Try to homebrew a 3ds app?
  • Any kind of Android app?