Stuff I want to learn (I think)

Alright, so I'm not entirely sure what I want to learn or not. Sometimes things just interest me for a couple days and then it dies out. I'll mostly only be talking about stuff that has lasted for a longer undefined period of time, I guess. In all honesty I have no motivation or goals to do anything currently, let alone learn about stuff. I can't seem to get myself to do much besides fantisize about learning about stuff.

Reverse Engineering Code

Ok so one of the things I really like doing but need to put more effort into learning is reverse engineering binaries/executables/programs. There's something about being able to explore and recognize parts of code that were never meant to be explored, understanding how it works, and then injecting new code to make it do something else. Maybe finding vulnerabilities and whatnot could be fun. Maybe figuring out a save file format and then writing a program to modify it would be nice. In school I'm learning about cpu architecture and assembly programs, but I need to put a lot more effort into it than I am currently. I'd also need to get used to a lot of other things to be able to do anything cool I guess, but if I can ever get myself to learn more, I will be overjoyed whenever I do it. That hit of seritonin just goes off.


This one is kinda wild. Basically learning how to sew clothes and fix holes and make stuff with fabric. This one would be really useful because I have a lot of clothes that I kinda need fixed but I don't want to take to a shop. I also want to know how to modify garments to fit me properly. This interest probably came out of possibly being trans, since I could make clothes that fit me and could avoid going out to try on stuff since it's frightning, but knowing how to sew could be extremely useful long term as well. Plus idk I just like it, gut feeling y'know?

Building Cartography

I'm not entirely sure if that's the right term for it, but you know what I mean. Basically I wan't to learn how to draw up maps and floorplans of buildings. This would be extremely useful for ttrpg purposes, but I also want to use it for the world and story I'm writing. I would like to learn more about cartography and stylize it in general, but specifically buildings would be pretty fun. I like architecture and floorplans a decent amount, and I think it could be pretty fun.

Fountain Pen Maintenance/Nibmeister Stuff

Ok so I really like fountain pens and knowing how to properly take care of them would probably be a good thing to know. I'll probably show off my collection in a future post I guess. Also, nibmeistering is the practice of modifying/repairing nibs. Not too many people know how to do it well these days so idk I think it could be a cool practice. I don't know if I would do a side business for it but just modifying nibs for my own use would probably be fun.

Corporate Networking

Ok so in theory I'd be learning about this stuff at school. Ideally after graduation I'd be doing corporate network infrastructure I guess. The thing is, is that I need to do a lot more learning about networking in general to get my certs that would essentially garuntee a job at graduation. The thing is, I'm actually very interested in this stuff, but my motivation for doing anything is so low, and combine that with being required by school to learn it, for some reason I just can't get into it. I love this stuff and yet it's a chore for me and I haven't paid attention in class for the last 2 months. Honestly I should probably see a therapist.

A second language (Finnish? ASL?)

I've been trying to get into the habbit of learning a second language for years, but it's never worked out for longer than like, 3 days. Honestly if I should learn any language, it should probably be french, considering I'm Canadian and half my family is french. I know enough of it to get by but the instant I start ordering for anything more than a McChicken I get lost. The two languages that do interest me are Finnish and ASL (or any other sign language). Finnish would be interesting. I don't have too much of a reason why finnish but honestly it just catches my eye. ASL (or any sign language) would be practical, as well as it being interesting since it's non-verbal. I would be able to more easily communicate with the deaf, and I just find it interesting. It's kinda funny becayse it's more useful over long distance than shouting, lower latency due to light speed, and works well in loud environments. I don't know. I think I'd like to learn finnish first if anything, but learning both (and french) would be ideal.

Voice Feminization

I guess this isn't really much the thing itself, but learning how to do it properly. I'm trans, obviously this would be a good idea, but I could also use it for ttrpg roleplaying, and screwing with people. If anything I'd like it to be more androgynous, I have no clue. Being able to tune it to how I want would be nice, but I have no clue. I'll figure this stuff out eventually but I need help with it and I'm pretty scared.
Ok so that's basically it. Idk, maybe if I do start learning some of this stuff (and not just do nothing for ages) I'll make blog posts about it. I'd love to give you updates about all this stuff! One day hopefully I complete the biggest project I worked on so far, myself.