Trans Update #9

Hi! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!! 🏳️‍🌈⚧️️ Here's the June update, sorry it's late!

I think my boobs are growing again. The solid mass behind my nipples is way way harder to find. The nipples are also a little more sensitive/sore. This causes me to think things are happening again with them.

We changed my dose from 4mg (that we moved down in april) back up to 5mg. She thinks I had really high E levels, but I think I had really low E levels. She approved of me reverting my dose, since it shouldn't be too different.

Still not approved for the progesterone, I think I'll just have to wait the full year, unless I can find a DIY seller for it that can ship into Canada. That's ok, no need to rush it.

I also finally put together an actual outfit that I only would be mildly embaressed going out with friends in. Not taking a picture since I don't want to share my face online, but it's quite the outfit. (Doc Martins, fishnet leggings, and one of Rory Blank's black t-shirts)

Outside of that, not much going on. Pride month in Ottawa is more in August than June, so it's still just waiting I guess! I've actually been feeling decent recently, so thats good! I'm also on ADHD meds now, which is exciting!

I was going to talk about how lonely my transition is, since, while I have met other trans people, I have never been able to keep in touch. But honestly, I think as I start to feel a bit better and more confident (hopefully) I can start getting out there more.

Anyway, everything going alright here, nothing wildly bad for now. Again, Happy Pride! Show people we exist, show it's a right for us to exist. Be aggressive about it. Also just get out to enjoy it. Remember: You deserve to exist, you deserve to live.

My DMs are open (on tumblr and discord) if you want to chat, and my email is now listed on the front page.

Thanks for reading!