Character/Worldbuilding 1

Hi! This is a small collection of some early scans of writing i've done for fun a little bit ago. Currently most of the ideas are work-in-progress but I thought some of you may enjoy reading through them! I'd like to eventually build off of it more and also write micro-stories about the chaacters, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy looking through and learning about Fen and the concepts I have made already. For context on why they look like that, they were all written on my typewriter! I thought it gave a specific look to the documents, and honestly it's easier to focus on writing when it's not on my computer. I hope they are legible enough! (Also I apologize in advance if some of the writing is just really bad. I'm new to this and my ideas may be kind of bad, but I'm having fun with it at least =)! )

If you have any questions about the characters or world, or just have a comment or advice, feel free to contact me on my Tumblr, Discord, or in the public chat! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

SCSS Photo 1 SCSS Photo 1 SCSS Photo 1